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Since 1965, Mountz Torque has proven its in-depth knowledge of torque and torque solutions. We help you select tooling based on your application and goals to make sure you have the right tool to do the job. 

We provide precision torque tools, including torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, and measurement equipment - like torque analyzers and sensors, for high-tech manufacturing facilities across the globe. 

We have equipment for all manufacturing phases, from manual tools for research and development to automated and robotic solutions for high-production environments.

Your productivity, product quality, safety, and reliability depend on the accuracy and precision of Mountz tooling. We take that responsibility seriously and are here to help every step of the way. 

If you need help streamlining your manufacturing process, reducing manufacturing errors, or increasing production capacity- we can help.

Our applications support team works to review your application process and provide guidance around the following:

  • Training around torque control best practices.
  • Determining torque values and process requirements. 
  • Selecting and implementing tooling - including programming workflow automation.
  • Validating tooling selection.
  • Collecting and storing fastening data.
  • Analyzing fastening data to make improvements.
  • Establishing a tool maintenance program.

With offices in the United States, Mexico, and the United Kingdom, We can provide local support for all manufacturing process steps, from toque studies to regular maintenance intervals. 

We are a trusted, accredited provider of torque calibration and repair services; our trained technicians and specialists can calibrate and repair most tools with quality control and precision in mind. Our team ensures that the service and repair requests we work on meet our exceptional safety standards.

If you are still waiting to see a product or a version of a product that you see listed on our website that you need, contact us. We specialize in creating custom tooling. 

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You can count on a quick response - within 24 hours if you have a question, want a quote, or need service. 


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