Mountz COVID-19 Update 

During this difficult time of coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, Mountz is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the safety and security of its employees, their family members, and the public.

Recently, the health officers of several California counties issued a “shelter in place” order (“Order”), which has now been extended to the entire State of California.  The Order mandates that businesses, other than Essential Businesses, cease operations. The Order requires that individuals shelter at their place of residence, except for Essential Activities or to operate Essential Businesses.  However, the Order states that Essential Businesses are strongly encouraged to remain open.

Mountz has determined that it is an Essential Business because Mountz supplies products to a variety of businesses involved in essential infrastructure, including but not limited to public works construction, airport operations, road, and highway construction and maintenance, public transportation, medical manufacturers, and national defense.  Accordingly, Mountz intends to comply with the Order and continue its operations.

Mountz does not operate a retail facility that is open to the public.  The operations of Mountz is limited to manufacturing. While Mountz will continue its manufacturing operations, we will carry out those operations in compliance with Social Distancing Requirements to the extent possible.  Mountz will: 

  • Require that employees work from home whenever possible.
  • Prohibit non-essential personnel from coming on-site.
  • Permit any employee with pre-existing health conditions, or who otherwise has concerns about exposure, to not report to work.
  • Require that on-site employees maintain at least six-foot distancing from other employees whenever possible.
  • Require that employees wash their hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds as frequently as possible, or use hand sanitizer.
  • Require that employees cover coughs or sneezes and avoid shaking hands with others.
  • Regularly clean high-touch surfaces.
  • Prohibit non-essential travel by all Mountz personnel.
  • Take the temperatures of all on-site personnel at the start of each day.
  • Prohibit employees from coming on-site if they have a fever or show any signs of respiratory illness.
  • Require that employees immediately notify human resources if they have recently traveled to a location that the CDC or other government agency has identified as having an active outbreak of a communicable disease.

While we do not currently expect any interruption to our business operations, our production could be impacted by unavailability of components from our own suppliers.  We will strive to keep our customers informed of any production issues.

Mountz will continue to monitor the situation and take any additional actions that may be suggested or required from time to time by the CDC or other government agencies.

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