Detecting and preventing manufacturing irregularities is essential to maintain a safe and efficient manufacturing process. One way to improve product outcomes is by using error-proofing techniques in your manufacturing process.

Error-proofing involves implementing smart screwdriver systems in production areas to reduce defective products, maximize production capacity and save time by using fastening automation workflows for repetitive tasks.

From process reliability to data collection and final assembly, our smart cordless screwdriver control systems help increase efficiency, provide greater flexibility, and improve product quality.  

In this webinar, our product specialist David Cash will teach you how to use error-proofing and automation techniques to achieve multiple fastening tasks with one cordless system.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How improper fastening processes can cause tightening failures
  • How to program a fastening sequence
  • How to create, save and recall visual assembly instructions and training guides
  • How to use communication features including   WiFi, Ethernet, Modbus and Open Protocols.

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