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View On-Demand: 4 Methods to Reduce Scrap and Rework in Your Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturers experiencing excessive scrap-causing mistakes signal an assembly process control issue. How can engineers and quality teams actively work to reduce the amount of scrap generated from a poor fastening process?

With a process improvement initiative, manufacturers can minimize and eliminate waste and improve processes in operation. Advances in torque fastening technology are helping manufacturers implement error-proofing tools to mitigate risks and increase productivity by deploying fastening automation workflows. A flexible manufacturing system is about adapting to changes in manufacturing requirements while preventing product defects. An intelligent fastening process integrates manufacturing activities into a seamless, efficient operation from real-time monitoring to data collection.
In this webinar, our product specialist David Cash will teach you the four fastening methodologies to improve product quality and reduce scrap and rework rates. Please register today to attend our live event and receive our on-demand webinar recording 48 hours after the presentation.

You Will Learn:

  • How to monitor the fastening process in real-time
  • Techniques to troubleshoot and solve fastening process problems
  • Tips for selecting the appropriate fastening process method for an application.
  • How to implement an error-proofing process
  • Best practices for establishing a fastening sequence
  • How to review and improve training

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