Assembly automation and line monitoring control systems are critical aspects of modern assembly line production. Manufacturing products with consistent quality requires automation equipment to execute production tasks with high precision and repeatability—the foundation of process control.

Automation techniques and equipment enable manufacturers to achieve and maintain process uniformity. A flexible automation system can assemble, process, monitor, and prevent fastening errors. Instead of tinkering with human process variables, a smart screwdriver system is inherently well suited for automation process and effectively integrate with line control devices for a well-balanced production line.

Manufacturing experts in critical industries like aerospace, defense, medical device manufacturing, and biotechnology use automation and line monitering to ensure their products meet stringent quality standards.

In this webinar, our product specialist David Cash will teach you how to use automation techniques in conjunction with intelligent electric screwdriver systems to achieve a robust manufacturing process. Please register today to attend our live event and receive our on-demand webinar recording 48 hours after the presentation.


You Will Learn:

  • How to program and execute automated fastening events
  • Tactics for monitor fastening processes and error notifications 
  • How to interface with I/O devices
  • Tips to set up your manufacturing line with fastening automation 
  • Best practices for error-proofing the fastening process 
  • Techniques for implementing communication protocols for manufacturing line control

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