Mountz Torque Custom Tooling Engineering Project Special Requests

When You Can’t Find the Right Tool for the Job - Let Us Help! 

Mountz, The Torque Tool Specialists®, has been a leader in the torque tool industry for more than 58 years. We have evaluated and provided tooling in various manufacturing environments to provide tooling for diverse needs. 

Our experience prepares us to respond to unique customer requirements with innovative solutions. We offer evaluation services and custom tooling solutions for application projects that require more help.

We have application engineers who can review your use case and difficulties to suggest a solution that meets your needs. 

Solutions we have provided include: 

  • Special tool development projects. 
  • Custom wrench head types (size, dimensions, and materials).
  • Special bits.
  • Applications with complex grip surfaces that require tightening, like syringes, catheters, SMA & RF connectors.  
  • Vacuum pickup attachments for power tools.
  • Calibration hex step adapters with unique dimensions.
  • Bottle cap adapters.
  • Hard to reach fasteners. 

Unique manufacturing environments can cause application challenges that cause production delays, quality failures, or frustration for engineers and production workers. Many customers contact us with challenging space requirements, persistent manufacturing issues, or productivity concerns. 

We provide precision torque tools, including torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, and measurement equipment - like torque analyzers and sensors, for high-tech manufacturing facilities across the globe. 

If you do not see a product or a version of a product that you see listed on our website that you need, please get in touch with us. We specialize in creating custom tooling.

You can count on a quick response - within 24 hours if you have a question, want a quote, or need service.  


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