Is your fastening process 100 % process safe? Or is it susceptible to torque failures or over-torque results? Using a vulnerable tool that provides erratic torque output or delivers frequent torque failures is a common sign that your quality management process has failed.

When your application is critical, it's a risky bet to take the attitude that your torque management process is "good enough." 

Safeguarding against fastening failures requires you to deploy torque tools designed to error-proof for the assembly process. Hand tools, like torque wrenches and screwdrivers designed with cam-over technology, provide precision and accuracy that manufacturing leaders with critical applications rely on. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Common type tools that are often susceptible to torque failures & over-torque results
  • How the cam-over technology prevents an operator from applying too much torque
  • Quality and productivity benefits of implementing a preset cam-over torque tool
  • How to design a seamless error-proofing throughout your entire assembly process.
  • How to ensure correct torque is consistently applied.
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