What is the relationship between torque and friction? The process of tightening a fastener involves various elements. The friction behavior between the fastener and the joint is critical to secure the desired clamp load. Torque and friction go together like peanut butter and jelly or nuts and bolts.

With the torque control assembly method, it is essential to understand frictions role during the fastening process. Friction is a crucial element of torquing a fastener. Understanding friction allows you to establish tightening parameters for your assembly application to ensure a reliable fastening process. Without knowing how torque and friction correlate for an application exposes risks for the manufacturing process to product failures and escalating scrap rate costs.

Our product specialist David Cash will help you better understand the friction in threaded fasteners, the variables that impact torque, and methods to achieve clamp load for a threaded fastener joint. Learn more about torque by registering today to attend our live event and receive our on-demand webinar recording 48 hours after the presentation.

What You Will Learn:

  • Influencers of friction
  •  Methods for measuring torque
  • How to establish a tightening strategy
  • A guide to understanding torque 
  • What are common fastening errors
  • Best practices for implementing torque control process

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