Assembly processes generate a vast amount of fastening data that can provide valuable information to aid manufacturers. Data collection allows engineers to make more intelligent process decisions to minimize quality failures and maximize productivity.

Smart torque control systems feature data collection processes for recording and storing torque and fastening information which allows companies to generate a detailed production record for every product assembled. Documentation helps engineers improve assembly processes and demonstrate compliance with quality standards & regulations.

Collecting and analyzing production data gives manufacturers valuable insights into their production processes. The more you know about your production process, the better able you'll be able to correct problems in real-time. 

In this webinar, our product specialist David Cash will teach you how to improve your data collection and perform torque data analysis during the assembly process. Register today to attend our live event and receive our on-demand webinar recording 48 hours after the presentation.


You Will Learn:

  • How to gather insights into fastening data and traceability
  • Tactics to automate data collection efficiently into a database
  • How to do a tightening process capability analysis
  • Tips for graphing a fastening run down and analyzing the different stages of the sequence
  • How to use the data for improving productivity & efficiency
  • Techniques to monitor a screwdriver's performance and predictive maintenance schedule

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