Error Proof Your Assembly Process 

Learn How To Implement a Screw Counting Process to Maximize Productivity

Complex fastening regimes with multiple screws and high-speed production can lead to missed screws, torque failures, and compromised quality. Monitoring the fastening process allows production managers the ability to correct fastening errors as they occur, rather than waiting until the product reaches the quality inspection stage. The later an error is detected on the assembly line, the more it costs in rework time and expenses.

A screw counter helps manufacturers detect and eliminate costly screw-fastening errors during the assembly process. Using a screw counter is like putting the eyes and ears of a quality control manager where they are needed most – right on the assembly area. Any errors detected are immediately displayed on a digital screen to catch the attention of the operator. Screw counters verify that all fasteners have been installed and were seated to the tools preset torque setting. Total tallies can also be uploaded to a central data system, where they can be viewed, aggregated, reported, and studied.


What You Will Learn:

  • Why an improper tightening process can cause fastening failures
  • Methods for preventing parts leaving the production area with missing screws 
  • Tactics to detect cross-threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle incompletes
  • How to verify that all fasteners have been installed properly
  • Ways to integrate with a machine & PLC interface for line control
  • How to document an assembly process and easily view an assembly’s fastening history
  • Best practices to increase efficiency and reduce or eliminate rework and warranty costs

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